Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've been working on launching my new business and things are coming along. Probably at the pace it is meant to happen but I occasionally have bouts of insecurity and self doubt about it all. Those will not stop me though. I know that my business will be successful.

In getting things off the ground I've been very conscious about how I'm showing up every day. What attitude to I have? How do I chose to be? How do my clients feel when they work with me? It's powerful stuff.

I've had a few dips in power and motivation this week and they can all without exception be traced back to lapses in fueling myself. Yup. Not eating enough.

Sometimes I just have to laugh at how I can go through some big, transformational experience(s), Silverman being the most recent, and, at some point I invariably end up right back in the grip of a dumb habit that wants to hold me back.

Why IS that?

Human nature?

Whatever causes it, I just have to look at each time it happens as an opportunity to do better. My training is going SO WELL right now. As Liz has said to me many times recently, I am a different athlete. And I am. There is no denying it.

There is so much evidence of this fact lying around:


2) I got right back into training after essentially taking two months off and did very WELL on my fitness tests,

3) I like swimming now,

4) I'm swimming 3 times a week now,

5) training now feels like a lifestyle as opposed to something I have to do to finish Silverman,

6) the first two weeks of January my fuel intake was perfect for what was going on in my life -- I had energy to do the workouts, energy to work, and when I got tired it was a "good" tired not a debilitating tired!

7) I've been making and enjoying many recipes from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook -- they suit Glenn's and my taste and lifestyle very well -- and THIS fact is coming from a woman who used to hate to cook! When I use these recipes I know that I'm eating enough fruits and veggies. I also have some quick standby meals for when I need them.

So in the face of all of this evidence, WOW, there it is.

Suddenly I have more energy to grocery shop and do what needs to be done to set myself up to have a good training week.

Hell noone is perfect but it's how we manage things that can make us or break us.

Oh and another piece of evidence that I'm not the same athlete that I was: I am Multisport Mastery's Athlete of the Month for February!!!! I love my coach! So much of this I could not have done without her guidance, support, meticulous attention to detail and professionalism. Thanks Liz!!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

It's so cool that you are a different athlete now and you know it. :-)

Best wishes for February and for your new business.

KodaFit said...

I think I've only known you a year, and even in that space of time the change has been apparent - and all for the better.

I'm thinking I need to prepare myself to receive a lesson in how to race from you, by the time Rage rolls around.

ShirleyPerly said...

I agree with Mike. The changes I've seen in the past year are remarkable and I'm sooooo proud of you. I have no doubt that you will be able to use what you learned from triathlon and apply it to other aspects of your life to be successful there too. Congrats on being the athlete of the month!

Groover said...

Very inspiring post. I know that debilitating tiredness all too well. Maybe I should have a look into my diet?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I will be back to read more.

Oh, and good luck with your new business.

RBR said...

I don't know if it is new or I missed it before (I usually read on the Google Reader) but I LOVE, L.O.V.E, your Pumpkinman picture. SOOOOO hard core!

Congratulations on starting your business and your HUGE growth as an athlete and person. Self sabbotage is a big problem for me as well, but recognizing it early is the first step!

Wes said...

I like the looks of that book, especially page three of the sample that sez, "Have SEX!" :-)

I can't wait to try out that recipe you sent me. Now just might be a good time since Dee Dee is out of town for a couple of days...

Calyx Meredith said...

I have been eyeing that cookbook! I love my Zone cookbooks but am always on the look out for even more options. Keep nourishing yourself and growing that fabulous new business. It is so wonderful to watch your training make you stronger in all areas of your life!

Steve Stenzel said...

#5 is SUCH a great thing!!

Good luck with the business! Hang in there!!

JohnnyTri said...

Your doing great! Positive mind set!


Formulaic said...

You are doing great. I love that its a lifestyle for you now.

Keep it up!

Sara said...

Great feature of you on Liz's site! It was interesting to read a little bit about you and your amazing race accomplishments. Good luck with your training this year, I am excited to follow along on your journey.

teacherwoman said...

Okay, so leave it to me... I was saw your face all over facebook... and then started to wonder why you weren't showing up in my blogroll... found you at the bottom of my list and then noticed that your last post (which I obviously missed) led us all to this site. geez. what a loser I am! LOL. Glad I found ya!