Friday, January 23, 2009

Run Test!

Wednesday I had my run fitness test. What a monster.

Here is what I had to do:

Go to the track, warm up.

Run a mile hard.

Write down heart rate info while trying to not die.

Run a mile and a half ALL OUT.

Write down heart rate info while trying not to puke and die.

Cool down.

Tony came with me for this. I was grateful for the company. Tony is usually up for anything as far as workouts go and this test was no exception. He did his own thing while I warmed up and when it was time for the mile he was ready. He beat me. This is normal. For those of you who don' t know, Tony is 69 years old. To say he is in great shape is an understatement.

We lined up for the mile and a half. Tony stayed behind me the whole way -- he typically does this. Whenever we are biking or running he usually settles in right behind me. Then he will occasionally pass me up as he feels like. Well lap 6 came around and I decided to pick up the pace, just to make sure I left it all out there. Tony didn't catch me. To paraphrase his words I took off like a shot or something like that and he was unable to reel me in as he had planned.

I was glad to have beaten Tony -- keep in mine he beats me 95% of the time. Not that we race all the time. Or ever. He is simply faster than I am.

I was also wondering whether I should have picked up speed sooner than I did -- did I really run the mile and a half ALL OUT??

THEN I decided to stop analyzing it and just let the results speak for themselves. I'm getting faster. Slowly, I am getting faster. I enjoy seeing improvement it makes me very happy.


Calyx Meredith said...

I would say that Tony being unable to reel you in as he had planned speaks to the fact that you left it all out there! Can I tell you AGAIN that you're my hero? You keep leading the way! As I was inputting the track part of our training plan yesterday I kept thinking - how on earth am I going to do that - it sounds scary. And then - there you are - out there actually doing it!! Sounds like you passed your run test with flying colors. You are a total rock star!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

You are rocking! I'm happy that you are seeing progress with your running. Tenacity pays off. :-)

Karen said...

Way to go - just the thought of a mile and a half ALL OUT makes me want to puke :)

Molly said...

Great job going all out!!! And cheers for getting faster - isn't it nice to see improvement? :)

Wes said...

Great job, Stef! Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to make it!! :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

I think it takes practice to do short time trials well. I have a tendency to go easier at the start and then harder at the end (no doubt much like my marathoning) while more experienced short distance runners have told me that they start out hard and then just hang on. But the important thing is seeing improvement, I think. Good job!!

Formulaic said...

Way to kick butt out there.

Run tests are freaking hard! Running an entire mile at full speed is stupid HARD!

Sarah said...

Nice job! It usually takes me more than a mile to warm up, so I too have trouble with the all out sprint stuff. You are doing fab!

Jennifer Harrison said...

yeah, the tests are tough...and sometimes more mentally than physically too - good job though!!! And, Tony does sound like a stud! :)

RBR said...

Hmpf! Where did my comment go? I am going to go under the assumption that you did not delete it and yak away again! :o)

Freaking awesome! Speed work running is tough for me. As much as I like running, I really only like running my little trot, trot, trot speed and getting out of the comfort zone is really tough. Great job getting it done. I am sure you will see even more gains as time goes by!

11 weeks to Rage baby! I got my hotel room and everything!

under my own steam said...

Rock on! I can't imagine running a mile full out. Maybe in a few months. I am totally impressed and, as usual, inspired by you.