Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week Wrap Up Randomness

This week was pretty good. I'm moving forward with my business and I got all of my training done! I did have a few nights of insomnia which absolutely sucked so I'm sitting here at 10pm sort of not wanting to go to bed so now is the perfect time to blog.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about the fact that I'm swimming three times a week and this is now normal. There is one thing though. I'm not sure that Boulder City Masters is the place for me to be long term. I go to Boulder City Masters on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The coach is a 24 year old guy named Travis who was State Champion from Boulder City High School during his senior year. After that he went to college on a swimming scholarship.

Travis is a competent coach. Thing is, I wonder if the workouts are challenging enough. Not that I'm ALL THAT in the pool -- I mean, I have my own lane! Next to two tri girls who I chase pretty hard so that I won't get totally creamed. The "pure" swimmers are very very far from my lane.

Still though, when I read descriptions, on blogs, of how hard others work at Masters, I wonder if BC Masters is cutting it. And my gut tells me no. I've signed up and paid for the month of February, so I'm committed. I've been there two weeks so I'm still fairly new there. Another gut check at the end of six total weeks should tell me what I need to do.

On Saturdays, I swim with Swim Las Vegas, another Masters team that ROCKS! These folks are the swim group that I trained with last season to get ready for Silverman. They have formed a masters team and structure their workouts in blocks, triathlon specific, to train for specific races. I just finished up a four week stroke clinic with them and on 2/21 start an eight week program to prepare for Rage.

The thing about Swim Las Vegas is that 1) Coaches Paul and Kara are head and shoulders above anyone who has ever coached me in swimming and 2) the workouts are split into four Saturdays in the pool followed by four Saturdays in Lake Mead. Those who follow my blog know that the Open Water swims with this group with Paul in the kayak coaching us while we swam the buoys is what clinched my swim confidence heading into Silverman.

I can feel my swim stroke improving practically every time I get in the pool. I've learned to push through the moments of frustration and fatigue and just swim. Working with Paul has been so good for me -- he is excellent at coaching a group of people through a workout and the people in the group are GREAT!

Today (Sunday) was a 90 minute brick, 1 hour on the bike, 30 minute run off the bike. Even though I live in an area where we can bike outside year round I am picky lately about the weather. My training buddy Tony is recouping from knee surgery so I've been on my own more. Even though Coach said to "get out and ride" I looked outside today, saw the bushes bending in the wind, and said SUCK IT WEATHER! I hopped on the trainer and watched Psych and the first part of Burn Notice.

Then I got outside and ran. It was windy and a bit chilly, but I don't mind running in wind. Not having a dreadmill leaves no choice anyway. It was my first brick of the season and it felt GREAT! Let my heart rate go a bit too high on the run so next time I will rein that in but everything felt really really good!

Then later this afternoon I got to be part of a focus group at Lululemon Athletica! That was great! They asked us a bunch of questions, like what running clothing and gear we like, etc. and then we went in the store and picked something from their running line to review. I picked a bright yellow, long sleeved running shirt. It is still pretty cool here after all -- too cool for short sleeves (I say this a bit tongue in cheek -- I'm a cold weather wimp since moving here 24 years ago)!!!!!

I hope everyone has a good week. At some point I'm sure I will update more often but for now these less frequent updates feel right to me. :-)


Calyx Meredith said...

You are trusting yourself - knowing that you know what is truly right for you - in all areas of your life! It's fun and inspiring to see (hear?). Congrats on the first brick of the season!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Your workouts are coming along nicely. Trust your gut about Masters - you'll do what's right for you. :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

I LOVE to hear how much you are enjoying swimming now, Stef. And that LV Masters group sounds wonderful. I wish there were more people swimming in the group I swim with but any are better than none, even Tony the Fish who was in my lane and constantly lapping me, LOL.

Good job on your brick and I hope your friend Tony is back in action soon!

RBR said...

Great job on your workouts! I hear you on wind! I am much more willing to suffer on a run than on the bike.

I don't have a trainer or a dreadmill so I am stuck with the great outdoors but like you I have precious little to complain about weather wise.

I so need some of your swimming mojo! I love to read how confident you are feeling about your swim and how much you are improving everyday. I am swimming 2x a week and am dreading when my coach ups it to 3.

Thank you for telling me you have your own lane too. It does help.

Only 10 more weeks 'til Rage! I can't wait to meet you! :O)

Molly said...

Stef! Sounds like an awesome week and like your swimming is improving fantastically! (I'm jealous)

Have a great week!

Wes said...

The coach/student relationship takes a leeeetle time to develop. If you have questions and concerns, take them to the coach. It IS your money!!

I love how we both have come so far in the open water. I am getting me a year pass to the lake this season. I will be in there at least once a week. It's gonna be a blast!

Steve Stenzel said...

Glad to hear the swimming is improving!! Isn't that a great feeling?!?

Is there anything you can do to make the workouts just a bit harder? Go out there and bust it out!!

teacherwoman said...

Just listen to your gut. If you think you aren't getting a good enough workout, then you know what you need to do!

Kevin said...

It sounds like you have already made that decision regarding the right masters program to train with. Maybe the LV coaches could help you with swim workouts for the week?

Danni said...

It's great to hear your swimming is coming along so nicely!!! And that you are enjoying it.
How did you get selected to be on the Lululemon focus group?? Jealous!

J~Mom said...

I hope you got it worked out!! I agree with Wes that you are paying and should talk to them!

Steve Stenzel said...

I'm sorry this has taken so long! Here are my questions for you. Please let me know when you post it so I don't miss it! Thanks!!

Interview Questions:

1.) What's your best and your worst race experience? Explain.
2.) What was the race that got you "hooked?" Explain.
3.) If you could replace one leg of a triathlon (swim, bike, run) with ANYTHING else (canoe, 1/4 mile of monkey bars, off-road baja car race, pull-up challenge, etc), what part would you replace? Why? What would the new leg be? Why?
4.) On your drive to work, do you listen to alternative, classic rock, NPR, or the local pop station with the trashy and shameless morning show?
5.) Who'd you rather: Angelina Jolie or Jessica Simpson?

To play along:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by giving you five questions. (I get to pick the questions.)
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

M said...

I will totally admit I am a sucker for the trainer. Now, I live in chicago, so you would think I would get my butt on the road in the brief window of good weather, but I like the steadiness and predictibility of the trainer - no stop lights, no cars, no pot holes. I get it.

I will admit that I am a jealous of your swimming abilities. I hear the word "maasters" and I get all glaze-eyed. That is really awesome that you are swimming so well, and you keep pushing yourself to improve. Awesome!