Monday, July 11, 2011

Ouch (stretching is good)!

Wrapped up another fun week of training with a long run last night. My long run is up to 60 minutes, still pretty easy effort. Despite it being easy my legs were feeling it.

Found this article on Facebook and it hooked me in because it only has three stretches in it (doable without being overwhelming) and it's designed for runners. Seeing myself more and more as a runner with every run and every run off the bike I do. YAY!

So today (a rest day from training) during a break in writing projects I tried the stretches out. Holy OW! I am so stiff! First thought was "this is an injury waiting to happen." Second thought was "man these are really going to help me get stronger."

Going with the second thought (hell yes I'm getting stronger) because it's more proactive and positive and also because I've never been injured other than Iron Girl 2010 and that was just a crazy flukey thing that happened and is destined to never to be repeated! EVER.

On Saturday the Las Vegas Triathlon Club held a sprint race down by the lake. It was awesome! After getting a flat 15 minutes into what was supposed to be my long ride for the week I bagged the ride and went down to transition to volunteer. Operation Rebound sent an athlete named Bobby Donnelly to race with the club. Watching him and everyone else finish was amazing! All the club members kicked ASS!

Later that day I changed out both bike tires and did my long ride on the trainer. We've been having thunderstorms here for the past few weeks and the result is 30% humidity when we're used to less than 10%. It sure feels damp outside and in the middle of the day . . . no thanks I'll work out indoors!

This week will be a normal week training wise but starting at the end of next week I'll be in New York City and Long Island for a combo business and visiting family trip. I am NOTORIOUS for not training while traveling -- it's just so easy to skip a workout and have the skipping snowball the entire time I'm on the road. Need to bust this bad habit starting with this trip!

Any tips out there on how you happily train while on the road? I'd love to receive those. The more the better!!


Lisa said...

I don't know how to train while traveling.

I've been making nice with the foam roller recently. I had been neglecting stretching as well.

Wes said...

30% humidity? POOR BABY!! LOL.. :-)

Training on the road?! Where there's a will, there's a way. Bring shoes and swim suit. At the minimum, run. If you manage to find a river, swim. Bike? meh!!

Wes said...

and I should mention that I had two blog posts of yours to catch up on. Hasn't happened in a while!