Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How I LOVE to see Improvement . . .

. . . and love love LOVE being back to blogging again!

Woo Hoo!

So yesterday was a stressful day for a myriad of reasons. Running a business can be like that (go figure).

There was a run on the schedule which I decided to do in the late afternoon/early evening. Given the nasty summer heat combined with freakishly high humidity from rainstorms (36% seriously wow) and given that even after the sun goes down it's still at least 10 degrees hotter in the evening than in the morning, I went for it anyway.

Sort of expecting to feel miserable.

The misery never came.

What did come was simply a run that felt stronger and better than the handful of runs that preceded it in this new round of training.


Still not keeping track of pace.

Making adjustments to my form -- soon will have Glenn or Tony make a video for Coach to give me feedback. :-)

It was just a nice (albeit hot and sticky) run. My first nice run since being back.

Full Disclosure:
I ran with my iPod and envisioned myself on the run courses of my BIG goal races for next year. Wanted to give myself every chance to have a good run with some great tunes and big dreams. It worked!



Molly said...

That's the best feeling! I had a run like that last weekend where I expected it to stink and it felt OK the whole time - that IS progress!!! So excited to see what is ahead for you :)

Lisa said...

I like it when I feel like I conquered a run (instead of it conquering me). Yay for progress!!

Michelle said...

I'm back too! Not to triathlons yet but back to the gym and trying to get back in shape post-babies. I like the imagery of imaging your running in a goal event, I'm considering a sprint tri in September (but in a hilly area - scary!) so I'm going to try this technique.