Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another so-so run, and a fun ride!

Had another so-so run today. We have haze here and more humidity than we're used to. This made it hotter than normal at 6:15 am.

Suffice to say the best part of the run was seeing bats in one of the old railroad tunnels. We have some awesome places to run around here and get to see all kinds of desert wildlife. Hearing the bats squeaking in the tunnel was a good excuse to slow down, let our eyes adjust and watch them use their radar abilities to fly around the ceiling of the tunnel.

Yesterday's ride was much better than today's run! Tony, Sean, George and I set out to ride a hilly part of the River Mountains Loop Trail (locals -- I know what part of that trail is not hilly right) and we had a blast!

Here are Tony and Sean getting ready:

My bike -- ready to go!

The highlight of summer workouts is proving to be the Wednesday night swims. Every Wednesday evening folks from the the Las Vegas Triathlon club get together for an open water swim. It's completely informal, and very casual. You come, you get in, you swim for as long as you want, you get out. The awesome part is the picnic dinner after the swim! Last week we had pasta, salads, fruit and cookies.

We were blessed with unseasonably cool weather through most of June but now the nasty gross hot yucky-ness has settled in to stay awhile. Which makes me glad (for this year anyway) that my workouts are still pretty low key for this time of year.

Here's my race schedule for 2011:
August 6: Police and Fire Department 5k

September 25: Las Vegas Triathlon (sprint)

October 2: Slam the Dam Open Water Swim Race (1.2 miles)

October 15: Pumpkinman (sprint)

I'm excited to get back into racing!

And about what this is all building up to in 2012 . . . . .


Molly said...

I'm so impressed that you stop to look at the bats, I'd be running away!!!

2011 looks to be a fun schedule! Can't wait to hear what's on deck for 2012 :)

Wes said...

Dee Dee has informed me we will be doing Iron Girl Las Vegas. Now we need to figure out which year :-)