Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Run, Run Run . . . .

45 minute run this morning with a few pickups.

Not hard. And yet not easy.

Running is by FAR the sport where I feel the most out of shape. In fact I feel in decent shape for swimming (been getting in lots of open water swimming since summer started) and the bike (going for a new fitting soon so I'm excited for that).

But running . . . . feels like a real chore that I'm not good at. However I'm committed, so whatever it takes!

Tony came over at 6am and we started. These first couple of weeks "back" the workouts are pretty easy and pace isn't supposed to be an issue. In fact for running I'm supposed to run by feel and not look at pace. Just do the time and follow the workout parameters. Fine with me.

Until Tony told me our pace this morning toward the end of the warm up.


I may also have said something to the effect of I hate running.

Nevertheless we kept going. And the pick ups felt great!

With about 10 minutes left in the workout Tony start peppering me with questions:

Tony: Is the coffee on at your place?

Stef: No

Tony: Can you put it one when we're done?

Stef: Yes

Tony: Another question (I can't remember)

Stef: One word answer

Tony: Another question (I can't remember)

Stef: No more questions!

Tony: Yes!

Stef: Thanks

Tony: Yes!

It's super fun to work out with Tony. He totally gets me!


Wes said...


Running is definitely the hardest discipline to get back into race shape.

but definitely keep it fun!


Molly said...

Ha! I think we all feel like that running sometimes :) It'll come but it IS the hardest one to get back.

Lisa said...

i enjoy running the most, but it's the easiest to fall out of shape for and hardest to get back into shape for. not fair!