Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back For Real This Time

I'm back for real this time.

And so happy about it!

Thrilled is more like it.

Triathlon goals, the huge big vision goals, have come very easily since I started doing this sport in late 2006. It was a huge vision goal (Silverman) that got me started and sustained me over the two years it took to get to that start line and the myriad of mechanical difficulties that threw themselves at me on race day.

I knew that when another big vision goal was ready it would show itself. And it has.

I'm playing the specifics of this big vision goal close to the vest for awhile, because I want to. There are specific things about attaining it that are totally out of my control. Along with the tons of things I can do to prepare. Thankfully none of it is new to me anymore!

So I've started by hiring back my wonderful coach (thank goodness she had a spot open for me fairly quickly -- Woo Hoo) and training regularly again.

It feels sort of like I'm in "secret" training! Sounds a bit silly but it totally works for me. Here we are in the thick of triathlon racing season, in the middle of the hot southern Nevada summer and here I am doing easy workouts designed to get my body used to a regular schedule again.


I'm enjoying watching everyone else train and race knowing that I'm 100% back in the game myself.


Much much more to come.



Molly said...


Lisa said...

yay! glad to see you blogging again. :-)

Michelle said...

Welcome back! I'm back too and feeling on fire myself these days. Looking forward to watching your progress toward your secret goal :)

Wes said...

I don't believe you were ever gone for a minute :-) You're time off might have been a bit more "relaxed" than my year I am having, but I saw you around!