Monday, October 13, 2008


My bad attitude has been out in full force the past few days. I can't seem to get motivated to train and when I do it feels half assed.

Well, except for Saturday's open water swim. The difference there is that it was a tri group swim and Coach Paul kicked our asses. Which was very good! Can't say enough good things about Coach Paul and Coach Kara. I hope they put other groups together like this next season. If they do I am so there!

After the swim . . . . I cut my 40 mile Saturday ride way short (not gonna say exactly how short but it was chopped short believe me), and yesterday's sixty minute run felt sub-par except for a few minutes mid run when I felt good. Oh and I cut that to 52 minutes. Coach Kara invited me to ride with her and her friends on Sunday to make up for Saturday's ride, and Izaac and Kelly invited me to run with them. Uh . . . . nope. I preferred to be a loner and half ass things all by myself. Thanks though guys, we're almost there! J

Coach Kara and Izaac are doing the Half Silverman too and Kelly will be out cheering! YAY!

So here's where I'm at:

I know that I can go the distance at Silverman -- SO I have less fear than before. Granted I've not put the three distances together yet (that will happen for the first time on race day) so I'm a little nervous for that, but the bottom line is that I know I can do it. How well I do it could be debated from now until the cows come home but I would just prefer not to! I'm tired of the nervousness, the anxiety, the thinking!

I just want to do the rest of the training, taper, and have a good race! A good race for ME!

So my half assedness of last week hasn't wilted my confidence that much. I just feel "off." And that happens to everyone. So . . . . SIGH.

P.S. I haven't forgotten I've been tagged! I'm a little behind in my reading and commenting but I'll do a fun tag post later in the week. J

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