Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Pre Pumpkinman Post

Brinley and I just got back from lunch and packet pickup for Pumpkinman.

See, the park where the expo and finish line and T2 are is less than a half mile from my house! So I took Brinley and we walked over. Pick up was a breeze – it was not too crowded and I met some nice people from out of town. Filled them in on the course. Told them how to get out to Lake Mead to preview the swim and bike courses. Gave them suggestions of where to eat dinner tonight.

I remember two years ago I agonized over what I thought I needed in my Run Gear bag! In addition to the 2006 Pumpkinman being my first triathlon, it is also a point to point race. I feared so much that I had forgotten something or was missing something. For that race I did not have my tri bike – I rode my K Mart mountain bike – thus I wore my running shoes for the bike and the run. So there was nothing but a hat in my Run Gear bag. OMG! It was sooooo stressful. I convinced myself I was missing something.

Fast forward to today. I have come a long way. Thank goodness!

This being my fifth Olympic distance race of the year I mercifully did not have to agonize or even think about what went into my run gear bag! Or about what I'm taking to T1 tomorrow! Instead I feel relaxed, anxiety free, and ready to race. Oh and my jersey is bright orange for PUMPKINman!

I feel like I have something to prove to myself with this race. That I can push myself through discomfort and break through to a new level of performance and pain management and grit and determination and all that other stuff that I want myself to be more of. I am knocking on the ceiling of some of this stuff and I just need to break through! Where better than to do that but in my own backyard, on my own run course, on a bike course that I've biked many times, and with my newfound swim confidence. And when better than NOW, three weeks out from The Biggest Race Of My Life – Silverman!

The weather looks NICE. It should be pretty still and nice in the morning, warming up to the 80s by the afternoon.

My wave starts at 8:15 am. Kinda late, but hey I don't mind!

Liz told me to bike like I don't have to run after, and then put my head down and run and drive myself to that finish line.

I want to break four hours on this course.

I think I can do that.

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