Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mid Week Mish Mash

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had a 13.1 mile run on the schedule. Coach moved this run to early in the week to allow a bit of extra recovery time since I have one more Olympic distance race on October 18 before SILVERMAN! The run yesterday went well. It had been a long time since I've run that distance and I came within five minutes of my time from Six Tunnels back in March. I was pleased with the effort.

October 18 is Glenn's and my five year anniversary, the day of Pumpkinman, and the day of Jim and Andrea's pig party, which is an event in itself (roasted pig, tons of food, booze and friends!).

Pumpkinman was the first tri that I ever did two years ago (the sprint distance). It's a tough race. The bike course climbs out of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area into Government Park in Boulder City. It's quite a climb. The run course goes through my neighborhood and winds around Adams Boulevard, turns and comes back. I run the course or parts of it quite often during training.

SO, comparing Pumpkinman to the Las Vegas Triathlon, which I felt was a mixed bag in terms of my results and mental fortitude, I would say the swim is the same (it is in the same spot and the water is what it is on race day), the bike course is tougher, and the run course is easier. Coach has given me some time goals to shoot for and rather than over analyze them to death or come up with reasons why they may not be possible I'm just going to go for them. HELL WHY NOT??

I may or may not post those goals here later.

Pumpkinman will be a good opportunity once again to practice pushing myself and also to stay in the moment.

I got a new bike fitting today and feel much more comfortable in the aero position. My 90 minute ride tomorrow will I hope further confirm that. Then I will be able to test the new fit further at Pumpkinman.

Then, heck, Silverman will only be three weeks out at that point. Wow. All of the time and training and energy spent and it's almost here. I feel calm. I feel good.

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