Friday, August 15, 2008

That's Okay

It appears I am down to one post per week. That's okay. For now!

I have a lot going on. Some exciting stuff!

Training has gone stellar this week! Yesterday I had a good hard run. I waited until 5:30pm to do it so I got hot. Very very hot. I was prepared though because I planned to run at that time. I was pleased with the workout.

Was looking forward to swimming tonight in a coached session but after I had swum 100 yards they made us vacate the pool due to lightening. Nearly 90 minutes later they were still saying they were seeing lightening so we called it and went home.

Not in my control. Must move on. Unplanned rest day today. This bums me out a little. But again, not in my control. I showed up. I was ready to swim.

I've joined a tri swim group and tonight was going to be the first night of coaching. They meet as a group once a week for coached pool workouts for five weeks and then it will be five weeks of coached open water swimming at the lake. The pool they meet at is obnoxiously far from where I live so one of the coaches agreed to work with me separately. AWESOME! Until the lightening! So we rescheduled. Anyway their schedule works out to four swims per week, one coached and three on our own.

Yikes! That's a lot of swimming.

Coach and I discussed my current swim times and agreed that a good goal for me in the Silverman swim will be 50 minutes or less. I'll go ahead and put down my super awesome goal of 45 minutes or less.

I KNOW I have the strength and mental fortitude to meet these goals! I have been getting better and better at training my mind to work FOR me and damn it I can do that in the water!

Honestly, based on my current swim times, 45 minutes is ambitious. Because of that I was going to keep that goal super secret. But why the hell not put it out here!! What do I have to lose?

Um . . . let's see.

Can't think of a darn thing. My pride? Don't think so! I'm training hard I'm training smart, I am showing up to toe the line!

Meanwhile I have two nice long workouts (one of them a brick) scheduled for this weekend.

Probably post again on the other side of the weekend . . . . have fun and stay safe out there!

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