Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I just LOVE the new pair of pink Vanquishers I got recently. In addition to looking cool they are so clear and new and they are my first pair of shaded (or smoked?) goggles. GREAT for outdoor swimming in the blistering sun.

I've decided I need a real bike jersey but cannot find one that I like. Granted the only place I've really looked is REI but I am lazy like that. Does anyone know of anyplace local (Las Vegas area) or online that has cool jerseys? I'm starting to think of what to wear for Silverman and naturally I want to look as good as possible. Oh YES!

Finally, for the first time on Sunday, I tried a CamelBak on my long ride.

May I just say . . . . WOW. I hope whoever invented the CamelBak is drowning in an avalanche of cash. WOW.

I still feel like such a newbie cyclist.

I hate: 1) reaching for bottles and 2) descending long fast descents. The first one is annoying and the second one is just plain scary. Not sure when I will break through that barrier of fear but I digress from the GEAR.

With the CamelBak I sipped water whenever I wanted to practically effort free. And in this heat, I need to sip A LOT of water. Still had to reach for the nutrition bottles but reaching for two is better than reaching for three. I still had an extra bottle of water on the bike too, "just in case." My theory is in this climate you really cannot have enough water. But I didn't touch the extra bottle. In fact it is sitting in the fridge right now waiting for the next workout.

Don't know if I will wear the CamelBak for Silverman though.

Does anyone have an opinion on that who has worn one in a long race before? If so please let me know.

I'm in a recovery week and as usual the first couple of days have been tough. I feel pretty good now though.

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