Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mrs. Feelgood

Ha ha what a silly post title.

The point of it though is that, finally, I feel pretty good during a recovery week! Oh I'm tired. In fact I think I am as tired as I normally am during recovery weeks. This time though I entered recovery week with the goal to not slack or miss any workouts. Mentally, I am finally dialed into the fact that I cannot sit around the whole week eating mac and cheese; that I actually need to fuel my body properly AND do the recovery workouts!

So . . . Monday was a planned day off. Tuesday was an unplanned day off.

Stick with me here . . . . .

There are two planned days off for this week. All I did was a bit of improvising to take Tuesday instead of Saturday off. Because the workouts are short, I moved Tuesday's workout (a swim) to Wednesday and BOOM! I'm back on track. PLUS I'm adding an open water swim because there is a clinic on Saturday. Follow? Good!

Oh I'm still tired. Sleeping about 9 hours a night. But I remarked to coach after my easy run last night that the run actually felt GREAT and I am not as tired as I "think" I am. The operative word being THINK.

Speaking of over thinking, I had a swim coaching session yesterday with Kara. Dear GOD! It SUCKED! At one point I thought that everything I could possibly be doing wrong with my stroke I WAS doing wrong. Took me back to the swim lessons I had when I was 11 and reminded me why after those lessons I never wanted to swim again. I actually found myself hating the water all over again and I actually asked Kara if I was the slowest swimmer she has ever coached. She said no, that I show lots of promise. That's good. When is that promise going to get here? Silverman is less than 12 weeks away! Promise! Where are you? Kara is an awesome coach by the way. Very knowledgeable, patient and able to improvise. Meaning that when she saw how badly I SUCK she focused more on drilling.

This is the first time I have ever gotten coaching feedback on my stroke since learning to balance and move in the water with the help of Total Immersion. I am not married to the Total Immersion method. I've never been coached in it. I learned it from a book. I credit Total Immersion with saving the sport for me because had I not learned to get across the pool without constantly gasping for air and thinking I was going to die I would have quit triathlon. I am now open to learning something new. And Kara is teaching me. It's frustrating but joining this swim group was definitely the right decision.

I swam today on my own and did fine. The only thing holding me back was my mind over thinking the stroke and reminding me that I suck at swimming. What a jerk! Despite my best (and lately successful) efforts to make my mind work FOR me sometimes it rebels.

I got home and complained to Liz that I am feeling discouraged about my swim right now.

She said:

Hey, aren't we all! :) This too shall pass. Stick with it, be patient.

Makes sense. Patience! Where are you? Silverman is less than 12 weeks away!

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