Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Turning a Corner

I'm feeling a little "blah" this week. Maybe because it's a short work week, I'm not sure. Glenn and I are having a 4th of July party at the house and I'm really excited about it! I'm actually (gasp) going to take pictures and if I get some good ones I will post them!

As far as training goes, I have really turned a corner. Here is how I know:

  1. I am not worried about my pace anymore. Rather, I am focused on being strong and doing every workout within the parameters, which is typically staying in a certain heart rate zone(s). I first discovered this NEW attitude last week when my schedule called for a spin class followed by 20 minutes on the treadmill running in zone 2. I had never taken spin before. And it was TOUGH. I worked HARD for the full hour. Skipped the stretching at the end and went straight for the treadmill where I proceeded to run 20 minutes very comfortably in zone 2. I was so excited I was able to run comfortably after the spin class and even though my pace was 14 minute miles that was so not the point! The point was I was running comfortably! YES! Felt like I could have run indefinitely.

  2. I have also discovered this same attitude works when running in the heat. Let's face it, running in the heat raises the heart rate, and thus the pace slows down considerably. I have not been doing very well with getting up super early so I've been running outside in the 8-10am time frame. Around here it is already upper 90s and lower 100s by that time. Without a lot of mental whining, I've sucked it up and DEALT! I've been getting my runs in, logging the distance, and yup, the pace is slow and I couldn't care less!! SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. It helps too that for this week coach told me the workouts are more to build strength and so don't worry about pace, but still . . . it has taken me a long time to reach this point of self/pace acceptance.

  3. I have accepted that I don't like to work out at the butt crack of stupid (stealing that line from Kevin) and so I don't. I work around (and occasionally in) the heat to get the training done. Weekends are somewhat of an exception. For those two days I do get up early so I can train and then have the rest of the day left to do other stuff. But during the week, since I work from home, my schedule is different every day. I have finally accepted that I don't have to get up super early to train and be a good athlete. I have options. And for crying out loud there is nothing wrong with that!

  4. I am looking forward to the long rides and runs. Coming from me, this seems really crazy. I have some monster (for me) rides coming up later in summer and fall. The runs will progress very similarly to my half marathon training so that is somewhat familiar territory. But I've never been on the bike over 2.5 hours. Instead of being filled with dread at the prospect of five hour rides I am filled with anticipation. I can DO it! The Half Silverman is my dream and that tough course requires tough training. My Coach knows this. I'm going to be so TOUGH and prepared come race day! Plus, Izaac has said he will ride with me, which is awesome!

I hope everyone has an excellent 4th of July weekend! Party hard (but get the training done first)! J

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