Saturday, June 28, 2008

Monster Swim

I blame Izaac. This is all his FAULT!

Here's how it went down. Izaac texted me Thursday to see about coordinating some workouts. I was SO grateful because I've discovered that having a training partner really makes a difference in my motivation to get out there and TRAIN.

So we emailed about schedules agreed we would do an open water swim at the lake this morning for an hour.

Izaac has a Garmin and he set it to beep every ten minutes so we would know where we were on time. We went out and started swimming the buoy line. Went four out and I was very surprised to hear that was only twenty minutes! When we returned to our original buoy we were at forty-five minutes. Izaac pointed to the next buoy which was WAY DOWN THERE and said we need to swim to that one no ifs ands or buts about it Stef!!! You will do either do it or I will spread the word on my blog that you are a wussy and I will never ever train with you again!!


I'm lying.

What he really said was something like what do you want to do what about that buoy down there and then I said we need to swim down to that buoy and back.

I don't know how far that one buoy was but it was FAR. For some reason there are no buoys between it and where we were.

And THAT is how we ended up with a 1.5 mile swim in 1:18:46.

A break through swim for me in both distance swum and time in the water swimming continuously. WOOT!

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