Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Recovery" Week!

Why is it that I am more tired THIS week than the previous three weeks with larger volume?

I'm sure this is probably "normal" and part of the adaptation/growing stronger process. Really though, it's annoying and frustrating.

I don't. Want. To Do. ANYTHING.

There is only 5.25 hours of workouts on the calendar for this week and Coach said I could mix them up. So far I have put off swimming. Real shocker there. Fortunately for me there is a two hour group open water swim planned for this Friday evening down at the lake. I am so there. Not sure that I will swim for two hours but the workout will cover one of the swims that Coach put on the schedule.

As for the rest, well . . . . the week is only half over. So I'm optimistic that my energy and enthusiasm will return by Monday, just in time for a looooong swim. Coach is trying to make me join Masters but that's another post I think.

Oh and I've been craving all kinds of bad carbs. And have been indulging those cravings – somewhat. Fun times.

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