Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So Proud of My Hubby!

While I have been here at home doing my usual thing, Glenn has been racing.

Racing in the 100th Annual Chicago to Mackinac Island Race.

439 sailboats raced in the 333 mile race from Navy Pier in Chicago to Mackinac Island. Glenn's boat, Sea Raider, finished last night at 1:18am (central time) putting their race time at just over 60 hours.

60 hours, much of it in thick fog, and the last five of it in a torrential downpour with the boat beating upwind (sailor talk for a slow, arduous process where the crew has to hike out on the rail continuously for the boat to move with any speed at all). Six soaked, exhausted sailors were very glad to finally finish!!

This was a tremendous opportunity for Glenn to sail in what has been called the world's longest and most prestigious annual freshwater race. Through a connection that a friend had with Sea Raider's owner and captain, three people from the Nevada Yacht Club went and crewed aboard Sea Raider. And lived to tell about it!

Talk about an endurance event!

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