Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Writers Block?

Yikes it's been almost a week!

Time for a post!

Last week I slacked off on my recovery workouts. I'm talking major slackage. As in 2:45 worth of workouts completed out of 5:25 planned. Holy SLACKAGE! It reminded me of last year. Guess it can't hurt to be reminded once in awhile – cause I certainly don't want to go there again.

AND I felt crappy all of last week too. AND I'm pretty sure that the reason I felt crappy was that I was slacking. So the whole situation snowballed. I also was plagued by insomnia, which I get now and again. If I had to guess I would say the slacking contributed to that too, since I'm not under any undue stress right now.

I just felt really TIRED you know? And, in all fairness, I'm sure that I WAS. I worked hard the previous three weeks!

My mind though, glommed onto that concept – TIRED – and magnified it and I walked around all week convinced that I was just so TIRED. It sucked. I'm glad it's over.

This week has started out with a bang. I have renewed motivation and feel fit and strong. That's always a good thing!

Yesterday I had a 3000 yard swim. It went well.

This evening I went to Masters with Izaac and Kelly. Coach has been after me to go to Masters so, after almost backing out at the last minute, I finally pulled the trigger – with some motivational help from Izaac via text. THANKS IZAAC!

Masters was good I will definitely go again. The workout was less structured than I would have liked but when Frank is there coaching we were told that he keeps things moving! Which is exactly what I need. To swim in a lane with others, getting (and giving) motivation, pulling my weight in the lane and getting faster!!

So I'm sure the three of us (and maybe JT?!?!?!?) will be there again suffering together. As it was, Kelly and I got 1500 done and did not suffer very much at all doing it. Until Izaac got into our lane and made us circle swim for hours. That guy is such a slave driver!!!!

But I should thank him since this puts my swim total for this week at 4500 and IT'S ONLY TUESDAY!

My other workouts are going well too. This morning I had a short brick: 50 minute ride and :15 minute run. Felt very fit and strong the whole time which was awesome after the slackage.

I still find myself having to decipher what my body is feeling, and what it means. Whether the tiredness is real or just in my head. I am still uncomfortable starting a workout out tired, although I have done it many times now and understand the necessity of it and the benefits. I mind it less and less each time. And often times the tiredness seems to evaporate during the workout anyway.

Oh and my metabolism is working overtime. It's a freaking furnace in there. Seriously every two hours I need to eat. Not large quantities but I need to eat something. My stomach becomes very angry if I don't. So I have resorted to taking stuff with me when I'm out and about. Nothing huge – today before lunch a half of a peanut butter sandwich did the trick.

It's just easier to do what my body wants, rather than fight it because I am too lazy to get or make food. Just do it already.

I guess motivation is something I have to constantly work on. At least I'm working towards something and need the motivation.

I told a guy at the pool today that I am training for the Half Silverman. He seemed impressed. So was I, thank you very much!!

This race has been almost two years in the making for me and I cannot believe that we are coming up on twelve weeks away. Twelve weeks! That's nothing. Soon it will be here. And I will be ready.

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