Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a good weekend of workouts and socializing!

Yesterday I hit the gym for my 1800 meter swim. Not quite as speedy as earlier in the week but the sets were different. I found them more challenging. One thing about Coach's swim workouts, they are always different. Very rarely do I get one that feels like a "repeat."

After the swim I had a great lunch with Wendi and Nicole. Always fun to see them! We usually talk about fitness and working out. Nicole has joined Boot camp and LOVES IT. Wendi wants to join – and I hope she does. She over thinks things sometimes (just like "yours truly" often does)! Wendi also mentioned that it would be cool if the three of us did an event together, such as a half marathon! She was there in March for my Six Tunnels finish. Every time she comes to see me finish a race I can see the look in her eyes. It's that look I used to have that says:

Maybe I can do that . . . .

So the three of us doing a race together would be SWEEEEET! Nicole has improved her running time a lot via the speed work they do in Boot camp. A 10k might be a fun distance for the three of us to sign up for in the fall. Think I'm going to email them and suggest it. J

This morning I did NOT want to go out for my brick.

Not. At. All.

Typical, end of week Stef BS was going through my head.

So I cut myself some slack and got out there by 7:20am (was planning for 6:30). It was very breezy and in the low 70s so I wore my Calico Racing long sleeved technical shirt. Turned out to be the correct choice, although for the run I changed into my customary Nike blue short sleeved shirt.

Like last week's brick, the bike was average and the run was GOOD. Rode for ninety minutes on some hills. The first twenty minutes were to be warm up, and then I was supposed to crank it up into zone 3. A little zone 4 was okay but primarily zone 3 was the goal.

There really is no place around here to ride not on hills and I didn't feel like driving anywhere. So I left my house and did one of my usual routes, which involves a nice downhill for about the first four miles and then the climbing starts. Today a fair amount of climbing was into the wind. Toward the end I climbed the 8% grade hill that is the very end of the Pumpkinman course. Felt nice and strong going up it and even kept my heart rate in zone 3! For that climb I had a tailwind. WOOT!

Transitioning to the run at first my legs protested but I went ten minutes in zones 1 and 2 and then another ten in zones 3 and 4. Got myself two miles doing that so I was very happy!

I think I can keep that pace for BAM, I really do. This week was a peak week, which of course means next week I will be rested going into the race instead of tired with the typical Stef BS running through my head.

I'm ready. A little nervous, but ready all the same!

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