Friday, June 6, 2008

Climate Control, Swimming and One Thing and Another

This week, I have done both of my runs at the gym, which has an indoor track. The track is 782 feet and goes around the second floor of the building, around the weights, weight machines, stretching area, and cardio machines. It is also climate controlled, although when you are doing a 50 minute run with twenty pickups in the middle it gets pretty warm up there!

Advantages to running on the indoor track:

  1. Climate control;
  2. Good lighting;
  3. Convenience;
  4. Even running surface;
  5. Climate control;
  6. People watching (FUNNY);
  7. Mirrors on the wall.
  8. I am more inclined to stretch after running with the mats, stretch machines, and foam rollers* right there. Oh so convenient.

#1 and #5 bear repeating as 100+ degree days loom heavy and hot on the horizon.

Disadvantages to running on the indoor track:

  1. The gym is 25 minutes away;
  2. Meat Market;
  3. Their music sucks and I forgot my IPOD;
  4. Mirrors on the wall.

Today I got up early to run and was not feeling it. This is the danger zone for me. The zone where the mean voices urge me to skip the workout because I am tired and a bit stiff from yesterday's workout. UGH. NO. Decided to go easy on myself, drink some coffee, eat some breakfast, read some blogs, and come up with a new plan. I had to go to town anyway, so I made the gym part of the trip, got the run done and VOILA! YAY!

As I was warming up, I got a catcall from a poser who was doing something over by the weight machines (I never saw him actually lift a weight). I FORGET how many posers go to the gym, and how much of a meat market it is. I gave the jerk an icy stare on the next lap and I think he got the message. I am not always offended by catcalls (sometimes I am flattered, it totally depends on the context) but this guy just seemed creepy. Of course, he was gone long before I finished my workout.

Yesterday, I was at the gym doing my 1500m workout in 38 minutes. YES! A new record for Stef. And I was not even going for time I was just doing the workout. It helped, probably that for a time there were three people in the lane and we were swimming clockwise. Also one of the sets was with fins but STILL! 1500 in under 40 minutes is what I've been going for and I did it! Tomorrow I will be back there doing 1900.

Then on Sunday, I have my last brick before BAM. Ninety minutes of riding with a twenty minute run off. The first ten minutes of the run are zone 1 and 2 and the last ten in zones 3 and 4. I am looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone like I did last week. I think I'm going to bike around Boulder City and the outlying areas. That way I can transition at the house. Will probably go down the River Mountain Trail Loop also and then have to come back up all of those hills. That workout will need to be EARLY but getting up early isn't so bad now after a week of doing it.

That's it for now! Hope everyone has an excellent weekend of training! J

*unlike Kevin and Calyx, I have never actually used a foam roller.

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