Monday, June 9, 2008

Me vs. Me


It was only a 1200 meter swim.

And yet such a huge part of me did NOT want to do it. Did NOT want to get off my lazy ass, drag said ass to the newly opened Boulder City pool, and swim for 200 warm up, 800 straight, and 200 cool down.

Finally I just got fed up with dreading it, and went!

AND . . . I did not babble on to Coach in the Training Peak comments about how hard it was to make myself go.

I just said:

"Good workout today."

Which it WAS.

It is weeks like this, where the workouts are dialed back, either because I have a race coming up or because it is a recovery week, that I am most vulnerable to skipping. And I almost skipped today. But I didn't.

I win!!!

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