Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nice Warm Recovery Run/Walk With Brinley

This morning I headed out for my first run since BAM. 35-40 minutes, all in zone 1. Nice. It was 90+ degrees, but there was a bit of a breeze so it wasn't bad. I decided to take Brinley.

Summer around here is hard on the dogs because they are cooped up in the house A LOT. Fortunately since I work from home I let them out as needed during the day and then hustle them right back in cause it's just so freaking hot. Being cooped up for hours and days on end starts to mess with a dog's head – I mean how could it NOT. I live with two medium to large sized athletic dogs. They need exercise. And, unfortunately, they just get less of it in summer. Walks are much shorter. So this morning when she looked at me with her I've been cooped up too long eyes, I decided to take her. She's young (only two) and strong, I figured she would be fine.

So, we were off!

I was very proud of my girl. She got through the run like a champ. Oh don't worry I take water for both of us. She knows what those bottles are and is NEVER shy about asking for a drink!

And, for those of you who may be wondering, we do NOT and will NOT, EVER shave her coat for the summer. Not only does the coat with all of its hair and insulating layers protect the dog from cold, they also protect from heat. Shaving is one of the worst things that can be done as it brings potential for sunburn and other skin problems. It also looks incredibly FUGLY. She gets an occasional very conservative trim, and sometimes we will take the scissors to an exceptionally stubborn mat. Oh and the area around her butt gets trimmed too (for obvious reasons). Other than that, she is and will always be in FULL COAT. Full coat and running whenever she can talk me into taking her!

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