Monday, April 2, 2012

The Ride from Hell

Northshore Road

Saturday was one of those rides that tested my limits and brought out all of my inner demons and insecurities.

It felt like the Utah Half bike leg, but without the rain, hail and police car trailing me out of farm country as the "last" athlete on the course.

It was sunny, gorgeous, and I nailed my nutrition.

But when the worst wind in recent memory wouldn't let up, I broke down.



To add insult to injury, the wind got worse as the day went on. Which on an ordinary day wouldn't matter because I'd be inside. But on Saturday I volunteered out on the run course for the Leadman Triathlon.

Leadman is an epic 125km adventure that had the athletes swimming 2.5k in white capping water, slicing through the wind for 109.5k on the same course I had just suffered through, and running 13k UPHILL from Boulder Beach to Boulder City. Seriously. It's insane.

It was humbling -- supporting the athletes as they ran by our mile 4 aid station I couldn't exactly complain about my horrific 46 miles cycling in that crap.

Well I could. And did. In my mind.

The wind never let up  --  we had cups flying everywhere. Coke spilled on athletes and on us. Cooler lid flying open. Repeatedly. Until I kicked it closed.

I guess the lesson here is that some days suck. But those who care still show up.

I care deeply. About my goals, about the triathlon community, and about giving back and supporting fellow athletes. And I'm not alone. Hundreds of volunteers who also care showed up and we helped to make Leadman a success!!

Some days that has to be enough. And on Saturday, it was.


Wes said...

Step back and take a look at it dispassionately. There's almost always more.

Tea said...

Those who care still show up. Probably the best quote and one I will use at my races.

And for everyone who was too focused to say thank you: Thank you!

Kathy said...

Well done!