Friday, March 30, 2012

Holy RUN Batman!

My run is improving. Dramatically.

Due to changes happening in my mind as well as my body. While my body is stronger and fitter than ever before, my mind is also much more . . . . expansive. More than ever.

After today's strong run on the RAGE course I believe my quest for a PR is not only well founded but inevitable.

As long as I don't let my fears get the better of me. Which of course they always try. Often after a great workout like this morning I do little things that sabotage the next workout. For me that might look like not eating enough to fuel the next day's workout, or staying up late. Letting a situation stress me out when it doesn't really have to. Not enough to DERAIL the next workout just enough to take me down a peg or two when I start to believe I'm going to break through.

Crazy right?

Not so much. Tell me you've never ever done this and I'll know you're lying.

Tell me you hardly ever do this because you've learned to manage it, let's talk I want to learn from you!!

Tomorrow morning I have a 3:40 ride, a 20 minute run, and then I'm spending the afternoon volunteering on the run course at Leadman.

I have an awesome friend to ride with, the wind will be at our backs (can always think positively right) and the rest of my day today is work, rest, recovery and food.


I'll report back on how I'm doing with this. RAGE is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to it!!


Mary M said...

I do the same damn thing! That's why this Sunday is so scary for me. Working hard to erase all the possible excuses leaves us "naked". It's scary but at the same time exhilarating. Try to embrace the excitement and enjoy!

Stefanie Frank said...

Ooh Mary I so agree with you here. And am so excited for you about Sunday!! Run "naked" of excuses -- you got this!!

Wes said...

If I say it with a shit eating grin on my face, would you still think I am lying? :-)

Molly said...

Training takes us to the best endorphin highs and the lowest lows, doesn't it? I find I really have to approach races like one of the ELF's workouts, where I just follow what she told me to do and don't let my mind wonder if I'm capable. It's HARD though and you know my quest to learn how to hurt this year. Have fun tomorrow!!!

Molly said...
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Kathy said...

Push on and I hope all goes well!!