Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Ready to RAGE!

Rage is a race near and dear to my heart.

It's a tough, local race.

It always sells out.

It's next Saturday, April 21.

Rain or shine (we had rain here yesterday).

Wind or no wind.

Cold water or . . . oh who the hell am I kidding the water will be cold.

I'm ready to RAGE!

I first did Rage in 2008. My very first Olympic distance (1500 meter swim, 24.9 mile bike, 6.2 mile run). Took me 4:45 and change. I was DFL and finished surrounded by athletes doing the half iron course.

2009 was a wee bit faster. I completed Rage in 4:00:03. My goal in 2009 was to break four hours.

I could say, for drama's sake, that those 3 seconds have haunted me for the past three years. 
If that were true it would be pretty dramatic.

But all I can do as I look at that time is laugh. A lot!  Not at the three seconds, but at how far I went in one year and how far I've come overall.

To say I'm gunning for a PR next Saturday is an understatement. Not because I'm ashamed of a four hour time. I'm not!

Not because I feel like I have anything to prove. I don't!

Because I'm just so damn grateful! For my health. For my husband. For my friends. For these beautiful training grounds I live in. For my support system. For the fact that I am getting stronger and faster every day.

Because every time I think about the fact that I won an Ironman 70.3 World Championship Lottery Slot I cry a little. It's a chance of a lifetime. It means so much. And it's mine.

Rage has played a huge part in my triathlon growth and evolution. I want to take what I accomplished at the Las Vegas Tri Club season opener and continue to run with that, take it further. A new PR on the Rage Olympic distance course will be tangible evidence of that.

I'm ready.


Lisa said...

good luck!!

Stefanie Frank said...

Thanks Lisa!!

Mike said...

Awesome, Stefanie. See you on the course next week (and at 70.3 Worlds. I'm one of the lucky lottery winners too... I'm hoping to break 2:45 next weekend and, if I have a really great day, 6 hours at Henderson).

Molly said...

You are going to have a BIG race day next weekend!!!! And I'm so glad you get to go first with 1st tri of the year, I'll be a day behind you doing mine on Sunday :)

Debra said...

Yeah, you ARE! Rage on, sister friend!!!