Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Week of Training in the Books!

I'm pleased with this week's training. Okay I'm pleased most weeks when I make it through and put more in the "70.3 bank" week by week and know it's building up.

To paraphrase something Molly said on Facebook, it's great to string these weeks together and know they are building up to something great!

Last week was a bit of an anomoly because I came down with a stomach bug and missed quite a few workouts. Fortunately it was a rest week so I did what I had to to get better and moved on with relatively little mental torture. This is a big part of why I'm pleased this week went so well.

Tony was gone for most of this week so I (gasp) had to train by myself!

Lots of good run and bike work. I'm finding the hilly run workouts that show up mid week are my favorites. We have some steep hills in the desert behind our house and it's just so easy to step outside, go up there and WORK IT!

Best workout this week was my long bike ride (2:30) yesterday. I really worked the parts where coach said to work it and it showed in the mileage! Crunched the nutrition numbers and discovered that I over ate during the ride -- which is a relief. It felt like I was eating a lot and I did feel a bit "full" getting off the bike. So it's cool that for next week I just need to cut back a bit and my nutrition plan will be dialed in. After that it's practice practice practice!

A wonderful super cool thing that happened this week is that we got a very special surprise bouquet of flowers delivered:

Orange Cat, Orange Flowers (John loved orange)

They were from John's sister Susan, with a beautiful message about Quentin. Quentin is doing GREAT. He's come leaps and bounds since I brought him home two weeks ago. On day 2 or 3 he claimed this basket on the back kitchen counter as his. He sleeps in it and he goes to it when he wants privacy. He often sits in it just like he is here to survey his domain -- the basket has a panoramic view of the kitchen and living room. He likes that!

Here's to a great upcoming week for everyone!



Molly said...

Great job this week!!! It's the BEST feeling when you nail the numbers for those workouts!

Bertie said...

Sounds like a great week! Keep it up!

Wes said...

ya, very nice :-) I love hitting the numbers! Can't believe you're already riding 2.5 hours! Keep up the great work!