Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tony's Back!!

My training partner Tony and his wife Marge left Boulder City on the day after Christmas to go be with family in New Mexico. Here we are on Christmas Eve day at Mt. Charleston.

 Tony, Marge, and Me

Tony being gone means one very important thing: I've been slogging through the swim/bike/run/strength workouts by myself.

Last week being a rest week, I rested more than was intended. And wondered when the hell Tony and Marge were getting back on the road to come home.

This evening Marge called from the road to ask me what my workouts are for tomorrow (Tony was driving). 30 minute easy run (following a killer bike/run hill workout today) to start the day and Tony is IN!

Thank goodness. I've missed Tony.


Molly said...

Ha! It's always better with a buddy.

Alili said...

BTW - He is adorable! :) (Which I hope isn't insulting to him!)

Stef said...

Alili I agree Tony is adorable! 99.9% sure he would not be insulted by this.