Friday, December 2, 2011

Testing is "FUN" (and Happy December)

It just turned cold here in southern Nevada. And by cold I mean a low of 36 and a high of 50. Seasoned with a bit of wind and rain. Brrrrrr!

Fortunately my run test was done early this week when the high was in the mid 60s, there was no wind and the sun was shining brightly!

For those who've not had the "pleasure" a run test consists of a lengthy warm up of easy running with some strides thrown in, followed by the test part which is to run 20 minutes as hard as you possibly can (without blowing yourself up in the first 10 so you have to pace it).

My coach administers these tests every so often -- they're benchmarks of how I'm developing as an athlete and they also let her calculate my heart rate training zones.

Of the three tests (swim, bike, run) the run test has always been "hardest" for me. Something has always held me back from pushing myself here . . . I'm happy to say though that the pace and my level of 'push' (I had Tony there to help pace me), and my resting heart rate after the test were awesome!

Even though this is a stock picture
I really like the way I FEEL when
I look at it. I feel like that could be me!

I feel like I'm becoming a whole new athlete -- after essentially taking a year OFF of "formal" training (and struggling quite a bit with feeling inadequate because of that), I feel very accepting of where I am now in terms of mindset and fitness level. I'm eager to get in there and do the work. And this my friends is 80% of what it takes for me.

OH and how FUN is this: 

A picture of me from Pumpkinman 2009 is featured on the FitFluential website! 

Go here to see it:

My friend Danielle was there in 2009 for the race, took the picture, and is now Chief Marketing Officer for FitFluential! She took the photo from her archives, posted it without telling me and decided to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Um, was she KIDDING me ~ I love that she did it ~ she's a crack photographer and I look like I'm really working hard in the photo.

A little fun exposure just as I'm getting back into serious training . . . love!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Molly said...

Yay! It's so good to see things going well - you've got the right attitude to achieve all your goals this year!!!

Wes said...

I always hated those tests. Run, bike, swim, didn't matter. Now, I know better. As a matter'o'fact, I'm going to go do one on the treadmill on Saturday, I think.

Being the athlete you want to be on your terms is exciting, isn't it!! 2012 is going to be fun for me! can't wait to see what you bring to the table.