Saturday, December 10, 2011

December is Productive!

I was telling my close friend Debra yesterday that traditionally December has been the least productive month of the year for me. In the past I've felt either burned out from work, put upon by the holidays, or just generally unmotivated.

Thankfully this December a new story is being written.

I'm landing new clients in my business! For the first time in my life, I wrote to Debra in an email, I feel like I have the right balance between the business and training.

And that is HUGE.

Training is going GREAT. I believe now more that ever in my ability to BE consistent and get the work done.   When I sent my 2012 race plan to Liz a few weeks ago she looked at it and suggested that I transition from her Off Season plan in December rather than January as we originally planned. I was all for it! So we started with the lactate threshold testing and have now progressed to base training.

So we're concluding Week 1 of the first training block designed to get me to Boise 70.3 in the best possible shape. The highlights of the week include an evening where Tony brought his trainer over and we did a tough workout that included a lot of one legged drills.

Here's a silly photo of us toward the end of the workout!

Another highlight was a nice easy run which tired out my running partner!

Brinley is always willing to get out there!

We're excited for the holidays without feeling overboard about it. No huge shopping sprees this year. No out of town travel. No sweets in the house (it's just better that way)! There are a couple of parties on the calendar (ones that we actually want to go to), and of course training!

How is your training going?


Molly said...

Awww, love that pic of Brinley!!! :)

My nice unplanned off season training is going beautifully :) It's fun to have a little break!

Wes said...

I ran 8.3 miles yesterday. wanted to do 10, but didn't want to figure out a route to get it done. How unscripted of me :-)

Stef said...

Molly YES breaks are necessary and only make us stronger.

Wes you unscripted guy you! How nice to have that freedom right.


misszippy said...

Hey Stef--Thanks for swinging by today and I'm so glad you introduced your blog to me!

Sounds like you are in a great spot to kick off 2012 training. Nothing like being ahead of schedule!

Stef said...

MissZippy you are welcome and so appreciate you stopping by. Looking forward to following you in 2012!