Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Jackie

Dear Jackie,

I ran today.

And felt great while doing it.




This is where I am with my training these days. Swam yesterday (LOVE swimming SO MUCH lately), ran today. I'm golden. A few days back, few days forward, not on my radar. I'm forced to live in the NOW. For now.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty intense because I've been preparing to launch the Brilliant Business Writing Intensive where I teach a select group of entrepreneurs how to write white papers in a way that revolutionizes their marketing. Writing is both art and science and I've always secretly wanted to "be a writer" and now I'm living that dream through my business.

This program is why I'd been putting so much stress and pressure on myself and now that Week 1 of 4 weeks is complete there is a huge release of stress and pressure. Week 1 has showed me clearly that my belief in my abilities and willingness to take a chance on myself are paying off right NOW and will continue to pay off in a very big way over time.

Thanks to Jackie's support I'm able to continue to work out in a laid back way that FITS WHERE I AM NOW and prepare with confidence for the Showdown at Sundown Triathlon on 3/27. Danielle is going to be there to take pictures and it's going to be both fun and hilarious!!!!

Speaking of pressure, um yeah. I went over to Izaac and Kelly's the other night to discuss skin care, training, coaching and one thing and another. Typically I am a self proclaimed master of not not succumbing to peer pressure. My mom taught me well as a child.

Well, I've met my match. Izaac is a master at applying peer pressure! His distinctive skill and refined expertise in this area resulted in both Kelly and me signing up for Iron Girl! YUP that's right BABY! May 15, Lake Las Vegas -- look OUT!!!! (guess I should let Jackie know).

[thanks Izaac for illustrating that in some cases peer pressure is a good thing]

Oh and Jackie's response to my email set forth above?

"It is a great day to get fit!"

HELL to the yeah!!!!!! It's a great day to get out there and move!


teacherwoman said...

Yay for you! Iron Girl! :)

Ron said...

Are you in Las Vegas? I am looking for some riding partners for the upcoming Nevada triathlon season. My wife is signed up for IronGirl, what a cool event!

Lisa said...

Yay! So glad you are in a good place mentally with your training. :-)

Wes said...

Dee Dee missed the registration for the one here in Atlanta. She's been telling me she's off to Vegas ;-)

Formulaic said...

Peer pressure works both ways!

Both Kelly and I signed up for Jackie as a coach thanks to your raving reviews.

ShirleyPerly said...

Jackie sounds like a great coach. I recently read ELF's post on Success, which rang true for a lot of folks, but immediately felt unsuccessful reading it. I guess it just goes to show that "success" means different things to different people.

Can't wait to hear about your Sundown race!!