Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Day After REST WEEK

So, rest week did not go so well. I'm leaving it behind. It's in the past.

Today was my first workout after rest week.

A 90 minute run.

Let me just say it was great to be back! Actually for the first 50 minutes the run did not feel great. It felt like a relentless chore. Thankfully it was only about 80 degrees out and the park is always nice in the mornings.

When I got to the "meat" of the run (some zone 3 work) things started looking up! I got into a rhythm and found it was much easier to go with the quicker pace than the slow plodding pace I started out with. I was tempted to walk one time but caught myself.

Another highlight of my week was receiving my Multisport Mastery race kit in the mail on Monday. It was just the extra bit of motivation I needed to get out there and run. Best tri outfit ever, hands down! The large fits me perfectly. Nothing pinches, nothing rides up, it's extremely comfortable. Can't wait to do my long ride in it this weekend!

So next time rest week comes around (about three weeks from now) I'm going to hold myself accountable to do all the workouts during rest week right here. On my blog.

Oh and my 69 year old phenom training partner, Tony should be back from his vacation in time for this weekend's long workouts. THANK GOD. I've been so spoiled these past few months training every day with Tony. I hope he wants to do the long stuff. I'm sure he will do a lot of it with me.



Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Leaving it behind is a good idea. You can only deal with one day at at time. Focus on each TODAY.

Tri outfit sounds nice and comfy. I'm envious!

Wes said...

Sounds like the endorphins kicked in :-) speaking of kicking... I am kicking myself in the ass for not getting a kit. I am so on the list for the next order!

Alisa said...

All you can do is re-vamp and move on =).

I've been looking at Tri outfits. Can't decide if I want a one piece or two piece outfit. Thoughts?

teacherwoman said...

Those rest/recovery weeks can be so tricky and hard to follow!

Stef said...

Alisa I've only ever wanted or worn a two piece tri outfit and here's why:

1. In case of "emergency" I don't want to have to struggle to get out of a one piece.

2. Since I focus on the 70.3 distance the chances that I'm going to be in a porta potty at least once on the course are very high. So, as above I don't want to struggle to get out of a one piece.

3. Between one pieces I've tried on and two pieces, I find the two pieces more comfortable. But they have to fit. If the top rides up or either piece is uncomfortable anywhere it really doesn't serve.

That's my two cents. Might be worthwhile to get input from those that prefer a one piece.

Any more thoughts?

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, sometimes a Z3 effort is just what one needs to start feeling alive.

Look forward to seeing that new kit of yours!

Formulaic said...

I want pics of the new kit!

Plus...hey! are you gonna share the phenom of Tony or what? I may have to start stalking you two just to get a workout in