Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Back!

It seems like if you wait too long to do things, your motivation lapses, know what I mean? I was going to wait until I "felt like" doing the "perfect" 2008 wrap up post, complete with reflections, goals, and other "stuff."

However, if I waited for a post like that to come to me, it either wouldn't come or it would feel like too much work!

2008 was a great year in some ways, not so great in others. Great in that it was the Year of Silverman. Every time I think back to the race I still get teary eyed. In that race I became my own hero, a feeling that I never in my life experienced before.

My work, on the other hand, slid in 2008, much more so than it should have. Because I let it. And I'm not going to let it anymore. I am starting my own business, doing something I truly love to do and it will prosper. More on that later.

2008 can really be "summed up," emotionally at least, in my Reflections on Silverman post. Yeah. I can't really re-read that without crying either. Having that in writing, as well as the posts in the weeks leading up to Silverman, where I was gaining confidence but still scared of the unknown . . . so glad I wrote all of that down. I went outside my comfort zone with that more than I ever have and it changed me for the better.

Really, I feel like Silverman was the culmination of so many many things for me. It marked the triumphant end to two years of hard mental and physical work, successes and failures, trial and error.

Silverman is also my springboard to things better and even more powerful. I know this for sure. I am finally ready to open myself up to actually starting a business not just talking about it or wishing for it or wallowing in the many details, feeling overwhelmed and never taking action. Over thinker, I am. Action taker, I am too!

Finally, we had a really great vacation in Bimini! 14 Franks, ranging in age from 14 to 73, fished, swam, biked, ran, snorkeled and sat out by the pool basking in the 80 degree sunshine.

The things I liked best about the trip:

**Our studio condo (because we don't have kids, we had a cute little studio all to ourselves!)

**Biking all over the island with Glenn. The island is 9 square miles and flat! Recreational cycling just for fun is something I've never done before. In 2007 I bought the Cervelo Dual and jumped right into triathlon training. Before that I hadn't been on a bike in probably 30 years.

**Running to Capt. Bob's for breakfast (about 2 miles) with Glenn biking beside me, having one of the locals say to Glenn "she's doing good."

**Snorkeling off the north side of the island. There were not many fish to be seen but Glenn and I swam out quite a ways toward a rock formation. About 2/3 of the way out I got nervous and turned back. I had my mask and snorkel on so it wasn't "real" swimming but I got to practice sighting in some of the peaks and valleys of the gentle waves. Prior to this I have been to afraid to actually swim in the ocean or go out beyond where I can stand.

**Snorkeling with the family in and around a shipwreck. We saw the coolest fish in there!

**Watching Glenn jump the boat wake waves on the wave runner, getting more air than his 23 year old nephew had!

**Biking to dinner one night (instead of golf carting it with everyone else) with Glenn and his 14 year old niece Anna.

**Parading around the pool in a string bikini, the likes of which I would never have dared to wear in my 20s.

**Answering Glenn's family's questions about Silverman. :-)
So there you have it in brief summation. Glenn's brother Kenny took some photos which I will post when I receive them.

Meanwhile my Season 2009 training officially starts tomorrow. YAY! I need to be back on a schedule, I've had enough rest. At the same time I've maintained my fitness and so feel prepared for the rigorous workouts that Liz dishes out.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Your vacation sounds awesome.

And you had a great year in 2008.

Sounds like you're ready to bring it on for 2009!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic break. Makes getting back into it all alot easier!!!!


J~Mom said...

Welcome back!! Sounds like you had an awesome trip!! :>)

Kevin said...

That vacation sounds like a blast.

2008 has been an excellent year for you.

Cant wait to meet you in 2009 at B2B

RBR said...

Welcome back!! You were missed, but it sounds like an awesome trip!

I am so excited to see your 2009 unfold and even more excited that I get to be a part of it!

We will RAGE in May!!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful vacation! We miss seeing you! We must get together to do something soon!

Wes said...

2008, a rough, hard, roller coast of a year, but ultimately, worth every second :-)

I can't believe you came through here and didn't pack me in a large suitcase to take with you ;-)

Chad Sayban said...

Happy New Year! Have yourself a great 2009. It sounds like you are really ready for it.

Michelle said...

Happy New Year! I'm late to the game but I love the new blog.

Jen said...

Sounds like a GREAT vacay! Happy New Year!

Calyx Meredith said...

What a perfect way to rejuv and be ready for a great 2009! I went back and re-read your Silverman post and it was even more inspiring to me the second time through. I love that it was so meaningful and empowering to you in the moment and also that you called it a "springboard" for your next steps. What a great way to look at it! Happy New Year!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great year end wrap-up and a well deserved vacation!! In fact, I think you had more of a Hawaiian vacation than I did :-) Seriously, though, it's great to hear that you did some swimming/snorkeling in the ocean. I hope to be able to parade around in a string bikini someday.