Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stupid flats!!! and Pictures!

Just talked to Glenn at 12:45PM. Stef has had 4 flats.  They think it's a problem with the rim tape, as the flats keep happening in different spots.  He said that she's staying strong and he'll be out there on the course to check up on her the whole way.  I told him to tell her that she's a rock star and that if she can get off that bike, there is no stopping her.  This is a tough situation to deal with mentally, I can't even imagine.  She's at mile 20 and is going to keep pedaling!

Stef - you rock!!!  So, as our heroine conquers the bike course, I will share some pictures.  She may hate these, but I owe you people the news!

Silverman - Stef 025 

Silverman - Stef 024 

Silverman - Stef 023 

Silverman - Stef 022

Silverman - Stef 021

Crazy wind!

Silverman - Stef 019 

Warmup Swim!

Silverman - Stef 018

Swim Start!

Silverman - Stef 017

Silverman - Stef 016
 Silverman - Stef 015

Gettin Peeled!

Silverman - Stef 014

Swim to Bike Transition -

Silverman - Stef 013

Stupid flats started after first aid station -

Silverman - Stef 011 

Silverman - Stef 012

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