Sunday, November 9, 2008

great swim, and she's out of the water!

Talked to Glenn - she started the swim around 9AM! They pushed out the swim start due to some crazy weather. She is off and apparently swimming like a robot shark that has been programmed to eat the slow! Woot! I'm loving these twitter updates! Apparently it was pouring, but there is no wind.

Update - 9:53AM - she's out of the water and getting her wetsuit peeled! I've got pictures! Appox. 51m swim! Go Stef!!! Glenn says weather is back to normal. The sun is out and the wind is down. She is out on the bike now!

I've got several pictures sent via Stef's cell phone, so as soon as I can get those, I'll update this post with warmup shots and the swim start, as well as shots of her getting her wetsuit peeled and in transition!

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