Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo Tag

I saw this on Cindy's blog and wanted to do it!

Photo tag works like this:

1. Pick the 4th folder on your computer;

2. Pick the 4th picture

3. Explain the picture.

Here is the picture:

This was taken not long after we got Brinley and is one of her first baths with us. As you can see she is smiling. She's a good dog. Except that her bark sounds like nails on a chalkboard so if I don't feel like hearing it I make her stay inside even when it's nice and cool out.

We got her when she was five months old because her breeder was planning to keep and show her. Then things happened and they could not devote the time to show her so they looked for a "show home" for her. We appeared on the scene and applied for her; they chose us knowing that we were going to be a "pet home" as opposed to a "show home."

Something about the other home they were considering did not feel right to them. Brinley is our only pet that was bought and paid for (we love the Old English Sheepdog we will probably always have one and will seek out and pay for one from a quality line). The other five are rescues, including our 10 (almost 11) year old Gordon Setter. She is a retired champion (story for another post) who has lived with us for a year.

Okay so when I went to pull the above photo up and upload it into blogger my photo folders were arranged differently than they were when I just went into My Pictures like I normally do. So I feel that I should include this picture too, which showed up as the 4th photo in the 4th folder when I was browsing via Blogger:

You guys may remember when I posted back in July about Glenn and his buddy Floyd going back to Chicago to race the Chicago to Mackinac Island sailboat race. Well this is a photo that Glenn took after they got to Mackinac Island. It looks like a horse drawn taxi. Not sure who is in it. It looks kind of fun actually -- his photos of the island made me want to go there immediately.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Great dog photo. She looks like she has lots of personality!!

Neat horse drawn taxi too. :-)

This photo tag has been fun.

ShirleyPerly said...

Cute! She's one of the few dogs I've heard of that likes taking baths. Funny, I keep looking for her eyes. I know they're in there somewhere.

Molly said...

LOL That photo completely cracks me up and you know why - similarity to what I see every day! Brinley sounds like a hoot. :)

Kevin said...

Such a great looking dog

Alili said...

Love the pic of your pup! And the photo of Mackinac makes me long for Northern Michigan.

Calyx Meredith said...

Wow - I thought for a second that you had posted a picture of Wasabi (pre his current frankendog look)!! He would love Brinley. The photo tag posts are great fun.