Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two Weeks!

Guess I just started a countdown.

I'm sitting here choking down my oatmeal and coffee in preparation for my final long workouts before Silverman. An open water practice with swim group followed by a long run. I wonder how swim group will have thinned out now that Pumpkinman is in the bag. Some people signed up for the group to prepare for that specific race, others for Silverman.

Yesterday was the RTC 50 mile ride. It was good. I'd never gone on a large, organized ride like this. It started in downtown Las Vegas, went up Alta until Alta ended, jogged over to Charleston and went out by Red Rock to Blue Diamond, turned around and came back. So gorgeous out there by Red Rock and the weather was perfect! The ride itself was pretty good. I was getting annoyed that it was taking me as long to reach the turnaround as the Pumpkinman course took last week. Thing is, yesterday's course is much easier than Pumpkinman. This attitude lasted a few miles until I hit the turnaround and was on my way back. Then things were fine again.

At this point in my development, 50 miles is still a significant number to ride. And I negative split the course big time because most of the second half was downhill!

My point is, I guess, I have the miles and I have the time in.

The rest of my day yesterday was spent catching up on blogs, watching tv, and eating. Probably much like today will go after I return from working out!

I want to give a huge shout out to Sarah for kicking A$$ and taking names at her first half ironman yesterday! Her husband was kind enough to update her blog and Facebook via Twitter and when I got home yesterday the first thing I did was check out how she was doing. What an unbelievably awesome accomplishment this is Sarah! Please hurry along with your report. And don't be surprised if you get some follow up emails from me. LOL!

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