Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a Cluster! Or Not . . . .

Things started out okay today. I made it to the lake on time to meet Izaac, Kelly and JT for a morning open water swim. Only a few seconds after getting there did I realize I had forgotten my goggles and swim cap.


I considered sitting the swim out, since it was on my workout plan as "optional." Izaac and Kelly arrived and told me JT was running a little behind, so I ran home to get my stuff.

The swim was good! The water was a bit more wavy than usual, but not really choppy. Frank had his masters group out there for an open water swim, so there was a lot going on. Since the water was a little wavy I chose to swim closer to shore rather than out on the buoy line. Wavy water still makes me nervous, even though I need to get accustomed to a lot worse than a few tiny waves before Silverman. That's okay; I had a good relaxing swim.

It was fun talking with JT about his Coeur D'Alene finish and as an extra bonus it was overcast out and thus not as bleeping hot as it has been.

Then we started to get ready to ride. That is when I realized that I had forgotten my bike helmet.


Who forgets their bike helmet????????????????????????????????? Seriously. Who. Does. That.

I considered packing it in and just riding on the trainer – but no, my training buddies said they would wait for me. So, I ran home, AGAIN, to get my helmet. Oh. So. Mortified.

Finally at 9:30 we were riding. Izaac and JT planned for 40 miles, my plan said ride for 2:15 (with a caveat that I could go longer) and Kelly's plan called for 50-60 minutes. When we started I was unenthused. It typically takes me about 30 minutes to "warm up" on the bike and today was no different. When Kelly reached her time limit and turned back I was jealous. UGH. How am I going to go 40 miles?? On the Silverman course no less?

Then I reminded myself that I did not have to go 40 miles just because they were, unless I felt like it. JT and Izaac barreled down the hills, had momentum on the uphills, and I soon lost sight of them, which was cool, and expected. Then one or both of them would double back and ride with me for awhile. I told them they did not have to do that but they are so cool! They said it was no big deal, and Izaac pointed out that they were getting their miles in doubling back, so I didn't worry about it. I was happy for the company!

Around mile 13 I felt great! I seemed to have hit my stride, the uphills were slow but they were not wrecking me (I felt strong ascending them) and I was only braking a little on the downhills. So I told Izaac I was turning back at mile 15. I wanted to feel good as much as possible on the way back. So I ditched those guys as they were going up a hill and turned back.

Shortly after that, Kelly drove the course and slowed and asked me if I needed water. What a gal!! I told her I was good – totally cool of her to look out for us on the course.

The second half of my ride felt as good (or better) than the first half! YES! I wondered if the guys would catch me, so I pedaled a little faster, pretending I was kicking their asses. It was fun. And the weather was overcast the entire time. It was warm, and humid (unusual for here) but I enjoyed it much more than having the sun beat down in the triple digits. I think we got very lucky with the weather. We even got sprinkled on for part of the ride.

JT got back not long after I did and Izaac rolled in not long after him. All in all it turned out to be a great workout day! That's what happens when you have patient training partners and better weather than expected. Next time I will make sure to double and triple check that I have ALL OF MY GEAR before I head out the door!

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