Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yay It's Sunday!

In the past I would never have titled a post "Yay it's Sunday." Hours before now I would have been experiencing extreme work dread. Then I would go to work and get a case of the "Mondays." UGH. So glad I'm not there anymore.

This week has been really good in terms of training. Got all of the workouts done, got up early four mornings, including yesterday and today. There is no choice now! It is too warm to wait much past 8am to ride or run, and soon it will be too warm to wait past 6am. I rode a bit longer than planned today. Izaac and Kelly were riding for 1:30 and I had 1:15 on my schedule. I went ahead and rode 1:30 with them anyway and then Kelly and I did a :15 minute run off. My ride was average but my run was GOOD! It was good because I pushed myself up out of my comfort zone and then stayed there, holding something akin to "race pace" and my form felt good! It was hard, it was hot, but I did it! Don't know how far I went but that's not the point.

I did take the GPS on a run with me earlier in the week and got that old familiar feeling of self loathing when I saw how many miles I covered in 55 minutes. Ugh. Got over it though and I'm still going to keep track of miles on at least some of my runs.

I read a quote on someone's blog (can't remember who's right now) and it said something like:

If another person talked to you the way you talked to yourself, would you hang out with that person?

Um, NO! Not during workouts anyway! I would kick that person to the curb!

I am going to do better with dealing with the mean voices. I am after them now.

I got a come uppance in the pool yesterday of sorts that illustrates this point. I was having a very mediocre swim. There were intervals to hit and I hit two out of six 100s. In times I should be able to hit – they were not a terrible stretch. So every time I would stop and look at my watch I would curse under my breath, get mad and take off for the next 100. There were a few other recreational swimmers in the pool. There was an old guy with a noodle in my lane and a girl in the next lane who would swim a couple of lengths, then stop to rest. A few others came and went during the 50 minutes I was there.

After one of the 100s, as I stopped again in frustration, the girl in the next lane gave me a big friendly smile. She said something to the effect of don't be so hard on yourself. I was surprised that it was that obvious. Yup, I thought my mini tantrums were going totally unnoticed. Then she said something that really made me feel good: You look like you've been swimming for years. Everyone has an off day now and then. She then proceeded to tell me that she had lost eight pounds in six weeks through swimming and it is the only aerobic exercise that she likes to do. When she gets in the pool she feels good about herself. I thanked her for her kind words. Seriously! She didn't have to say anything. But she did. And her words really helped me.

I wish I could say my workout got better after that but it was still mediocre. The tantrums stopped though. I was proud that I had conquered another workout! Then I hopped out, showered, changed, and went upstairs to hit the bike.


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