Saturday, June 14, 2008

Holy Sh*t!


Best race evah!!! 

Favorite part:

The bike!  Gorgeous flat, fast course.  For the first time EVAH, I rode my bike the way it is meant to be ridden, in aero with the pedals spinning at 85+.

This set me up for my second favorite part of this race which was:

The run!  Beautiful, rolling course where I pushed out of my comfort zone the entire time.  I felt fabulous coming off the bike and was able to push the whole way.

That leaves the swim.  Nothing wrong there, just my average, normal 50ish minute swim . . . I could not wait to be out of the water.  :-)

Weather = perfect!  Cool (actually it was cold in the morning) calm, and sunny.  Water temperature was way warmer than expected -- it was just like Lake Mead in April. 

Woo HOO!!! 

Full race report later.

Oh and I actually have pictures this time -- courtesy of Jerry! 

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