Monday, June 16, 2008

BAM Photos

To read the full BAM Race Report, click here, or scroll to the post directly below this one.

Pictures by Jerry R.

Standing on the half frozen mud/sand before the swim start.

Jerry captured my expression rather perfectly, don't ya think?

Here we GO! On my way to a HUGE swim PR!

Doesn't this expression just say it all? I think Jerry was a photographer in another life.

Struggling to get out of my wetsuit! Told Coach that is where the majority of my T1 time went!

Struggling to get my shirt on! We're ALMOST THERE! J

YES! Almost ready to leave!

On the bike course.

My butt on the bike course!

Leaving T2

Finish line and run course. The course weaved thorugh the scenery in the background.

Jerry found me on the run course just after the Mile 5 marker

Running down the grass carpet!

Almost there!

Bringing it home!!!

In the finisher's tent immediately post finish!


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