Monday, November 6, 2006


Today was the first day of my new training program. And, while I do not intend to turn this into a training journal, training is one of the main loves of my life right now so I will talk a lot about it. Like any love, there are ups and downs and for the past few months I have really struggled with consistency. Since I have always been naturally thin, I have harbored the secret false belief that I really do not need to do much cardio. At all. Um, WRONG. If my first sprint triathlon taught me anything, it was DON'T SLACK ON THE CARDIO. Oh and LEARN TO SWIM. :-)

But I made it through the triathlon and it changed my life. And I am going to do at least two more triathlons in 2007, maybe more. I have some long term goals that I am too shy yet to put into print. For now I want to train for the next six weeks consistently. So I got a new program from a trainer, along with a nutrition plan. She designed both for the tidy sum of $125, knowing that I want to look really HOT for our Tahiti trip in January, then start training in earnest for a triathlon which will take place in April, 2007. I am very excited!! There is A LOT of cardio and some difficult weight sessions in front of me. But I figure that taking it in six week blocks will make it totally doable, along with the days off and the cheat meals of course.

I love fitness and I truly believe it is the fountain of youth and is probably the answer to many many many potential health problems. People either don't realize it, don't want to do it, or both. I am certified as a personal trainer myself but that subject involves career. Not up to talking about that right now.

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