Monday, November 6, 2006

Initial Thoughts

I am a fairly smart gal who is of a good age. I love the age that I am, the people in my life, where I live, and, for the most part, who I am.

Lately though, the fact that my thoughts, plans, dreams and aspirations are somewhat disorganized and unfocused has bothered me on a very consistent basis. I am a reader and a writer at the core, at least that is what I was during childhood . . . so I thought starting a blog would help me focus and move forward in my life. Not that I have been stagnant, exactly; but I have been on "pause," keeping quite busy thinking about how unfocused I am, for too long now. I am ready to start moving again. I am starting this blog to give myself another form of accountability. This way whomever reads it, read it. Whomever doesn't, doesn't.

A few areas where I am trying to get a grip are my career, fitness, and nutrition. Oh, and insomnia.

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