Monday, April 30, 2012

I Love Open Water Swimming and Boise is Looming!

Finishing RAGE!
Still feeling happy about Rage so decided to post a picture!
With Boise 70.3 less than 40 days out, the workouts have gotten super race specific.

As in:

Saturday Brick:  53 miles biked, 3.2 miles run.
Sunday Brick:  13.4 miles biked, 10.75 miles run.

Which made today's easy open water swim just what the doctor ordered!

Didn't sleep well last night (which is unusual). Yesterday's long run lingered in my body longer than "normal." Probably because it was an excellent run with coach confirming: "Really good pacing!" when she saw the data.

Plus it was in the heat. Not in the extreme heat we had at Rage -- thankfully after that uber hot day temps dropped back down to normal spring temps here in the desert southwest.

Which meant that yesterday the high was 86 with a nice light breeze. To me that's warm (not hot) and provided excellent opportunity for acclimating for the "real" heat soon to come.

[I'm hoping Boise will be no warmer than yesterday on June 9 -- just putting it out there]

This afternoon Tony and I went down to the lake for a 45 minute easy unstructured swim.

It was windy, and the water was what I call moderately choppy. Just enough chop to make it fun and still be relaxing. It was one of those workouts that, had I not pre-planned with Tony I'd have been tempted to skip. Cobwebs lingered in my head and body from the long workouts and a nap sounded really good.

LOVE my new wetsuit. My old one was too small and was a thick water skiing suit. Wearing my new one is like night and day and it seems to make me more buoyant!

Out in the lake surrounded by chop with Tony swimming near my right elbow I felt at peace. 
  • Excited for Boise (and a little nervous).
  • Surprised at one point to have a plant in my face (shallow water)
  • Wondering how cold the water in the Lucky Peak Reservoir will be on June 9.
  • Remembering I do well in cold water. :-)
 Yeah. Boise. I grew up near there. That's a whole other story for a whole other post. For now it's time to do my 30 minute recovery trainer ride.

Have a great week everyone!!


Molly said...

Nice job! And what a great finish photo!

Wes said...

awesome bricks! let me get this straight. Your previous wet suit was for skiing? {rolls eyes}

Yea, you're going to rock Boise! I'm hoping the weather gods are kind to you this year. Looks like things are just a tad bit warmer than usual.

Keep up the great work!!

Kathy said...

Woo - getting hot out there (at least for me it is). Boise is just around the corner - WOOT!!!

Bluegrass Tri Chick said...

Great job! I had my first OWS swim today - It was awesome!

BTW - You should check out this post :-)