Sunday, September 28, 2008

Las Vegas Triathlon


Swim: 39:51

T1: 4:14

Bike: 1:56:15

T2: 2:39

Run: 1:32:21

TOTAL: 4:15:19

I am not happy with this result. I fell apart on the run AGAIN, just like at Rage. Yes it was hot (95) but I live in the heat I should be able to handle it better. Yes it was hilly but, AGAIN, pretty much everything around here is hilly with very little shade. I should be used to it. And I just can't seem to get faster on the bike. Sure I beat my 2:10 time that I put up at Rage, but it's been five months. Five months of training and working hard and 2:10 is a super slow time to begin with.

I did meet my goal on the swim but in the context of the whole race and my overall time the fact that I swam under 40 minutes seems less significant than I thought it would be (I did feel strong on the swim and drafted off someone for the first time ever).

I am concerned about Silverman. Very concerned. I was doing so well and now I feel like I've taken a huge step backward.

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