Friday, April 20, 2012

Splurging is FUN -- Track Me Tomorrow at RAGE!

Normally on the day before a race I'm super nervous. Even if I'm off my feet resting (which I normally do) the stress seems to find a way in. Then it slaps me around and makes me tired and fried feeling.

I'm happy to say that today is different. Sure I'm a little nervous but mostly the past few days I've felt acutely how much racing in RAGE means to me and how far I've come -- and even though I've struggled with eating a bit these past few weeks (again) I know I'm ready. And grateful.

And I've SPLURGED on a GPS tracker for the occasion!

My impression is that most people get the tracker for Half Iron and Iron distance races -- which makes sense. However I'm rocking the GPS for my Olympic BABY!

Here's how you can track me!

If you're on an iPhone or home computer you can track me live using this link:

PDA/Blackberry use this link:

My swim wave starts at 8am (pacific time) I expect the swim to take around 40 minutes. The tracking begins when I get on the bike.

The GPS uses cell phone technology and the signal is generally strong out there. 

Speaking of struggling with food, this came in the mail yesterday. I can tell you right now the pasta and eggs has changed my life. Sure I'm prone to being melodramatic at times but I'm SERIOUS. Thanks to Molly for initially posting about it and since that post it seems like a lot of my tri friends have it. I hate to cook but the recipes look doable and delicious!

Speaking of that I need to go eat lunch now.

Have a great weekend peeps! If you're racing I hope you meet and exceed your goals out there!

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Kathy said...

Hope you have a great race!