Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Season 2009

New season.

New perspective.

New races.

New PRs!

My 2009 season is taking shape in my mind and on paper. My race schedule and goals have been written and submitted to Coach, and the structured workout week has returned.

It will be different to not have such a strong emotional pull toward a race as I had toward Silverman. I may miss that.

But I'll probably find something just as valuable to take it's place. I hope so anyway.

The drive to train and race is still there and I do it because I love it, because of the friends I've made, and because training and eating right makes me feel like I'm getting younger every year instead of older. Exercise is the fountain of health and youth -- I really believe that.

So here is my 2009 Schedule, along with my notes:

Mardi Gras Masquerade 10k (2/21/09) C race

Not much to say here except that I NEED to get my 10 minute mile or less time at a 10k. This is the race to do that. The course is pretty flat with a couple of gentle inclines, nothing major.

Red Rock Canyon Half Marathon (3/7/09) A race

I like doing a spring 1/2 marathon and this year I picked a different one. The course is hilly and pretty difficult. I volunteered for this race last year. It is very well run and Red Rock Canyon is absolutely breathtaking to run through.

Rage Triathlon -- Olympic Distance (4/19/09) B Race

Last season Rage was the first Olympic distance triathlon I completed after a prior season of disappointment. Should be able to PR big time here!

Battle At Midway Triathlon -- Olympic Distance (6/13/09) B Race

Last year this stunning course yielded my best Olympic distance time and was a huge breakthrough race for me. I should also be able to PR here.

Utah Half Iron (8/15/09) A Race

This course is supposed to be flat. It will also be HOT. I've never raced a flat 1/2 iron course before and I hate the heat. So, I can't wait to see what I can do with this race! Also, I believe Mike will be racing it which is really cool. He is the one who informed me it will indeed be hot up there (darn it). Yes I know it's August!

I tell ya looking at a half iron from the perspective of having already done one is a whole different ball game. A lot of unknowns have been taken away. Not that I won't be nervous and ready and I definitely respect the distance! But still -- I'm excited to see what I can do here.

Pumpkinman Triathlon -- Olympic Distance (10/18/09) B Race

This race again falls on our wedding anniversary and for the past couple of years the weather has been perfect for it. I want to race my heart out and PR big time here!

Beach 2 Battleship Half Iron (11/7/09) A Race

I pulled the trigger and signed up for this race yesterday. The decision was a bit difficult because a big part of me wanted to do Silverman again. But B2B started tugging at me when Calyx blogged that she and Donna may sign up. Then I found out that a bunch of other bloggers are going, including the awesome Shirley, bartender extraordinaire at the Endurance Sports Bar! The B2B blog is HERE.

But the main reason I picked this race is that it looks like a great race (only in its second year) and doing it will mean I'm branching out with my racing. For some reason this is important to me.

Glenn's sister lives near where the race is held and more than likely we will wrap a vacation around it. I love visiting North Carolina. So the general area is not entirely foreign to me but it's enough of a stretch that it will present a new challenge. Oh and it's another FLAT COURSE. And the swim is in a channel WITH THE CURRENT.

Just sayin.' A half iron PR over Utah? MAYBE!!

I'm very sad that I won't be able to at least volunteer at Silverman but it's the same weekend as B2B. Oh well. Silverman will survive with out me, and I without it.

New season.


Change is good.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Nice plans!

IM Able said...

Shut the front door! You ARE doing it!!

Can't wait to meet you down in North Cakalacky. Love the season plans, too. Can you believe this year is already over?? It was such a big one for you!

KodaFit said...

Looks Good! And the Utah Half will be a blast - heat, mosquitos (don't forget the deet) and all!

Shirley made a comment about "Bartender Stef" a few weeks ago, and I was thinking - Sounds like Stef, but I didn't think she worked in a bar, so maybe it's someone else...

This would be my second big "light just went on" moment this morning. Doh!!

Kelly said...

Looks great Stef!! I am using my persuasive powers to try and get Izaac to sign up for B2B. I would love to go see all of you race but I think he is torn over the Silverman thing too!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That looks like a great race calandar. None of the races are too close together and the longer ones are a good distance apart so you will have plenty of time to recover properly. Nicely done! Have fun with the run training. That half marathon does sound like a good one. Can't wait to hear how all of these races go.

ShirleyPerly said...

Woo Hoo! B2B is gonna be the place to be!!!

Sounds like an exciting year for you and I have no doubt that you'll be setting some big-time PRs. I can't wait to see you and others in NC. And reading Kelly's comment above, we need to work on Izaac :-)

Formulaic said...

Sounds like a good plan. I like it so far.

OK, OK. I'll THINK about b2b. But Silverman is so local!

Anonymous said...

That's a great schedule. I like how you do that. I might have to use it. And, I'm so excited that you are doing the B2B! Yay all of us!

J~Mom said...

Great goals!! My schedule is almost done. :>)

Kevin said...

Great looking schedule. I like the new look

RBR said...

I have to say it sounds like a great season even if it doesn't include Big Sur *sniff*

I tell, you the lure of seeing you all at B@B is strong. It is just a rough time of year for me to do that type of travel. I will have to ponder, but ponder quickly that sucker is filling up fast.

M said...

Man, I want to do B2B next year, but am not sure it would fit into the "plans." but it sounds like you've got quite a season planned out!!

RBR said...

It is a date for that first marathon. You pick a race and I ma there! I can drive to LV much easier than to NC.

RBR said...

Guess who is doing the Rage Half in April??

I betcha can't guess! ;o)