Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Just looked at Training Peaks.

The hard evidence, starting me in the face in black and white, proclaiming that everything is now programmed up to and including Silverman caused me to have a mini freak out!

Note: I said mini freak out.

Freak outs are a normal part of my behavior so it's just as well to get it over with now. However, even though freak outs are normal for me I don't think I am going to have any more of them. They sap too much energy.

I read Chris Sweet's blog last night (he just raced in Kona) and something he said in his race report really hit home with me:

I have never had a problem sleeping the night before a big race. I'm very conscious of how hard these races are and how important it is to not waste energy by being nervous.


How I think and act these next two weeks is totally under my control. And while I'm not going to make some grand sweeping proclamation or set a "goal" here that I'm not going to freak out anymore, I know inside myself that I have what it takes to have a successful race on November 9. I have been mercifully calmer about everything for the past couple of weeks and I choose to continue that behavior. I've also been sleeping extremely well too. And eating well. And working out well. And having fun with my friends, tri and non-tri alike.

So there you have it.

I am ready. I'll be ready tomorrow, the next day, all the way up to November 9.

Time for my run now. I'm taking Brinley with me. J

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