Monday, September 29, 2008

The Good Stuff

Or: Las Vegas Triathlon Race Report, Part 2

After reading the comments I got, and the texts from Izaac and Kelly last night, and talking with Coach, I've decided to use yesterday's disappointment to my advantage. Fuel my fire for Silverman! I have faith in my training and abilities.

Lots of good things came out of yesterday. Such as:

#1. I set a PR on this course.

#2. My swim time was a PR! I have wanted to get to the 30s in the 1500 and I've done it! I also was able to draft, which was a first for me. The girl I was drafting off slowed down though in the second half so I had to leave her behind. My swim has come a long way. It did help that the water was perfect. My sighting was good. And I did not stop once. No breast stroking or stopping if I didn't see a buoy when sighting. I kept my head down, kept moving forward, and trusted in my ability to swim straight. In fact thinking about my swim made me smile several times on the bike.

#3. I felt strong on the bike, even up the last hill where I was struggling, but passed a handful of folks who were struggling more than I was. And, I did improve my bike time over Rage. In very similar conditions. I got off the bike pleased with breaking two hours but knowing I could have done more.

#4. My two best girlfriends, Andrea and Cheryl were out there supporting me, videotaping my finish, and taking pictures. These girls don't care what any of my times are they just like to come out, support me and have a good time!

#5. My dad, brother and sister in law and their kids were out there too, along with my friends Robert and Meg. Robert biked part of the run course to find me and let me know that one of the aid stations had run out of water. WTF?????? There is NO excuse for that in my opinion, especially with the slew of half iron athletes that would soon be on the run course. Ugh.

#6. I did stop in the restroom on the run. I was walking, thinking about how my run goal was slipping away and I was letting it. I had mentally given up, and I was not even two miles in! The restroom was right there. I could have held it no problem, but . . . . . sigh. It was right there. When I came out I met Jill, who was walking as well and suffering in the heat. We were both suffering in the heat. We talked for awhile – she was great and did a lot to lift my spirits. Seeing my family just before the final mile also lifted my spirits. My four year old niece Sarah looked at me like I was crazy. My dad was grinning. My brother came up to give me a cool drink of water (YES I accepted outside help. So sue me! It's not like they will take away my first place AG award). Robert and Meg had water and there was no way I was not accepting it. It was GOOD.

#7. My training buddy Tony (68 year old phenom) was announcing the swim starts and then jumped in the water himself to do the sprint. As I was exiting the water, very excited about my new swim PR, and jogging up to transition, who passes me on the jog but Tony! He had just exited the water too from his swim. That was the last time I saw him that day. He sure is an inspiration to me. He called me later and didn't flinch when I started blubbering about my disappointment. He said it was okay I was just being honest. What a good guy he is.

Thanks everyone for the comments and support. You guys are the best. I'm over my disappointment and ready to move on. I have two more races yet this season. Woo Hoo!!

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