Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today was officially my longest pool workout ever.

It was actually supposed to be 2600 but I blew off the last 100 of the cool down (shhh don't tell Coach). I was ready to get OUT.

I was a teensy bit disappointed in my pace for this workout but after like a minute I thought, OH HELL who cares!! If I had to swim 1.2 miles today, right NOW even, I would totally make the 1:10 cutoff. No problem.

Friday's swim workout is a measly 1600.

Seriously I can't believe I referred to 1600 as "measly." That's what happens when you put in the time.

The pool felt a little cooler today – probably because it was overcast and breezy. I LOVE this weather! Right before I got there they had closed the pool for ½ an hour because someone had seen lightening. So, when I arrived, there was no one there!

Just how I like it. J

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